Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Google Drive Now live with 5GB free

Google drive Now live with 5GB free
Google drive Now live with 5GB free

have been waiting for cloud services , Google’s personal cloud-based storage service ?. yeah right now google drive is now live with 5GB free storage. in google drive you can create , share collaborate and keep all of your data . and you can access the data anywhere and everywhere, All type of data possible to upload in google drive . such as Videos, Photos, Google docs, pdf, mp3 files and etc
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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

AfterFocus Make your Photo More Sharp on Android

AfterFocus Make your Photo More Sharp on Android
 AfterFocus Make your Photo More Sharp on Android
Until now, the quality of images that produced by cameras in  Android platform when compared with the normal iPhone camera, which worked seriously at the camera.Similarly, the most photography application support is still struggling to filter the game alone.So when Instagram comes to Android, iPhone users can still pouting because Android does not yet include applications for focus adjustment feature.AfterFocus Make your Photo More Sharp on Android
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Saturday, 7 April 2012

New Update Instagram for Android SUpport for Tablet and wifi Handset

Today i got messege update from android for my Instagram. Then i check the update history. and found interesting item :
Update Instagram for Android SUpport for Tablet and wifi Handset
The new Update is getting better than before :
this new instagram allows users to install on sd card
Also support for android Tablet and wireless android handset.
it also fixed the bugs on audio mute while the capturing
fixing several small bug fixes and improvements
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Friday, 6 April 2012

How to use Chrome Extension remote desktop beta

Simple way how to remote desktop using chrome remote desktop beta,
Usually we use some special application to remote another computer for example log me in, teamviewer. but now using google chrome you can do it easily,this is an extension of google chrome
Today we are going to write step by step to acces other computers or allowing another user to access our computer using chrome remote desktop securely, 
the innovation of google chrome using the core chrome remoting technology, this is beta version  ,but very nice,
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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Maruti Ertiga LXi latest reviews

Here is a good news for all Maruti fans. Maruti is now introducing it's latest C Segment LXi  Maruti Ertiga.The all new Maruti C Segment LXi  Ertiga is going to be available in market and said that Ertiga is Elegant outside and versatile inside. Let us have a look into Maruti Ertiga's design, the styled head lamps, compact  design and high loading lip are more than enough to catch everyone’s attention. The first look of the Maruti Ertiga as the machine is build with the sporty bumper and
the body of the car also comprises of the continuous shoulders that stretch from the bonnet to the boot.

The Engine has been tuned for performance with emphasis on fuel efficiency and drivability. The base Maruti Ertiga engine is able to deliver a maximum power of 94 Bhp and  130 Nm  . And it comes coupled with 5 speed manual transmission. This combo will enable the Maruti Ertiga for attaining a maximum speed of 155 km per hour and having a good mileage of 15.

The Maruti Ertiga priced around Rs. 7,00,000 - Rs. 9,00,000 in India

Details of Maruti Ertiga (Specification)

   ENGINE .... Petrol engine
   CAPACITY ... 1372cc
   MAXIMUM POWER ... 94 Bhp
   MAXIMUM TORQUE ... 130 Nm
   LENGTH ... 4275 mm
   WIDTH ... 1695 mm
   HEIGHT ... 1685 mm
   TRANSMISSION ... 5 speed manual transmission
   TOP SPEED ... 155 km per hour
   Seating Capacity ... 7

C Segment LXi  Maruti Ertiga Gallery,Pictures

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